This is the clown for the Freakshow level. He has a nice side, just dont get on his bad side otherwise that is what youll see.


We are currenty looking for a concept artist. Must have good fine art art skills. No expirience needed, we love beginners. Apply on the main page or email with snapshots of your work.


After introducing this new idea to the team, they are liking it and collaberating more with each other. This game is going to be huge!


Just read an article on Gamasutra about how Sony is making it easier for indie developers to publish thier games on the ps4. They talk about how hard it was and how they didnt care about indie developers on the ps3 but now it is a big concern on the ps4. Click the link and check out the article.


We have decided to take a new direction to our game. The characters are going to change and the title and also the description will change. We are making the game better and giving it our own flavor. The game section will be down for a few days to make changes. Keep checking back for updates and other news.


Check out the new concept art under Hollywood Horror Stories.


Time to start modelling the characters for the game. We have half of them finished so if anyone is interested in modeling characters click apply or email with samples of your work.


Checked out the xbox one and wow is it a must buy. The games are looking to be cheaper since its only downloadable games and you will cloud storage so hard drive space wont be an issue. The new games that are coming out for xbox one have new engines so graphics will be amazing. Check out the videos and all the news on thier website.


Its hard to understand the time consuming process of making a video game unless your actually making it. The rollercoaster of frustraion and happiness throughout the whole process. But after its all done and complete you can look back satisfied.


Switched up our announcement message. Almost halfway done drawing the layouts for the map and carefully choosing the reference photos. We also started to figure out the trailer that will be used for promotions.